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Cassidy's Grill is one of the top family restaurants in Killeen, TX

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Is Your Mouth Watering Yet?

Our family restaurant in Killeen, TX can fill you up

Nothing hits quite the same as a big, juicy burger on an empty stomach. Add a homemade milkshake on top of that and, frankly, you're in heaven.

At Cassidy's Grill in Killeen, TX, not only do we have delicious burgers that will leave you speechless, but we have an entire menu of delicious items. Our family restaurant and local food truck dish out hot meals to hungry locals and visitors all over the city.

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Options for every customer

We have an extensive menu of comfort food that's sure to feel like home. Some of our famous items are:

  • Old-fashioned cheeseburgers
  • Philly cheesesteaks
  • Monte Cristo sandwiches
  • Homemade milkshakes
We also offer many discounts. Teachers can enjoy $1 off their combo on Mondays, Military Personnel can enjoy $1 off their combo on Tuesdays and First Responders can save on Wednesdays. To see our full menu, check out our Menu page!

How we got started

Our owners are Killeen natives who opened a local food truck and once business started picking up, they decided to take the leap and took over ownership from Billy Bobs Burgers from another local of Killeen.

Our restaurant in Killeen, TX gives our community a place to come and enjoy hot, delicious meals every day. Plus, we keep our touch of local charm our regulars have come to know and love. Additionally our food truck is present at many local events, festivals and is also available for private bookings.