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Welcome to Cassidy's Grill, a gem located in the heart of Killeen, a place where burger fantasies come to life. Starting out as a family endeavor, our journey began with a passion for creating unparalleled mouth-watering burgers and a vision to bring families and communities together under one roof. Over the years, Cassidy's Grill has burgeoned into a beloved burger restaurant that not only serves the people of Killeen but attracts food enthusiasts from across the region.

Our team at Cassidy's Grill is vigilant about maintaining the standards of our savory and creative menu, offering locally sourced and high-quality ingredients that make up our signature burgers and sides. We are proud to foster an ambiance that resonates with the lively spirit of Killeen and brings a sense of community to all who visit us. From an idea rooted in fond family meal memories to becoming a pillar of Killeen's dining scene, Cassidy's Grill represents culinary innovation and communal dining at its finest.
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Owners, Dwayne and Julie  Cassidy

Owners Julie and Dwayne Cassidy are lifelong Killeen resident who decided to open a food truck to share the love of great burgers with the world! With great success in the food truck, they were presented with the opportunity to open a restaurant location which has been a dream come true, while keeping the Cassidy's Grill food truck for events and Catering!

A true family owned and operated restaurant, Cassidy's Grill takes pride in being a part of the Killeen community. We love our staff, we love our customers, and we love Killeen!

We are not just another burger place. Our Secret Sauce is a recipe of mouthwatering goodness that only we prepare. Our burgers feature the finest and freshest produce and condiments available anywhere. We cook to order our all-beef burgers for uniquely tasty, charbroiled perfection. We enjoy our community and also get to know our guests by name.

Our family grew our business. Our employees are our family as well, as is our community. Family is important here at Cassidy's Grill, and now we'd like to welcome you into our family too. We want you to enjoy this experience as much as we have.

You made a good choice in the Cassidy's Grill, and we hope that having you join our family will be just as good a choice for you as for us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Questions & Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cassidy's Grill provide options for vegetarians?
Yes, at Cassidy's Grill, we understand and appreciate the diverse dietary habits of our customers. We offer a number of delicious vegetarian and plant-based options on our menu.

Can I make modifications to my burger?
Yes. Any burger can be customized to your liking. You can make your requests when ordering.

Does Cassidy's Grill offer any catering services?
Yes, Cassidy's Grill would be delighted to cater your next event. Please call us during our business hours or fill out the form on the contact page of our website to inquire about menus, availability, and prices.

Is Cassidy's Grill hiring?
We are always looking for dedicated and passionate people to join our team. Please stop by our shop or contact us to learn more about current job openings.

Will you be expanding to more locations?
Cassidy's Grill is always exploring new opportunities to expand. If you have a location or city in mind, don't hesitate to recommend one to us. We value your feedback.
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